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2013-06-09 23:34:35 by Un-Holy

These are some songs that I listen to constantly because They help me shape up when I'm in a bad mood so check them out.

Calming & Happy Song:

Song I Found Recently And Can't Stop Listening To:

Thinking Of The Future Song:

And if you like those just look up my youtube account DarkDaxt and check out my favorites to see more music. (Don't watch my videos, they are really bad)


2013-06-02 14:04:19 by Un-Holy

This was a rant but I decided to delete it since it got me nowhere and I learned a couple of things but I guess im just annoyed that people don't love my work as much as I do and it gets to me sometimes but hey if you like it you like, just don't hate on other people's artwork without a reason though.