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Highgrounds Highgrounds

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game proved that is has some very good mechanics in it and is good for spending some time and getting into it but there are some things that needed/need fixing on.

What's Good: 1)The game itself is unique and interesting and hooks people in quickly without confusing them. 2) Strategy is involved and makes the user think a little bit for an attack, sometimes a risk can prove fatal or be the trophy winner. 3) A lot of different characters with a lot detail in them making them unique.

What's Bad: 1) Gems. Gems aren't gained very easily and after beating the campaign you can only get them through multiplayer events. 2) The campaign just ends. No replay, just end. 3) Some units are actually Over Powered. 4) There aren't enough variety of booster packs in the shop (and the commander one is misleading/doesn't give commanders) 5) There is no way to contact friends other than to fight. 6) There is no lobby system 7) Performance. I don't know why but for some reason this game can lag a whole lot and it shouldn't, even with the settings adjusted properly.

What should be improved: 1) There should most definitely be a replay on the campaign to give players a much more rewarding experience than the first with making the enemies much more harder and have them give better rewards. (Also when you get higher up in the campaign chapters you're commander really should be awarded more experience instead of just 1000 all the time). 2) There should be a lobby system so that players can pick out who they want to fight and a system for friends to chat. 3) Some units need a little bit a tweaking as some are really Over Powered and the descriptions need some tweaking as well to make things more clear. 4) The player should be able to choose what type of deck they want to use in the beginning, not just get the gold deck and then decide later to change. (This annoys me because I wanted to get into crystals but trying them out for the 1st time in multiplayer without experience with them and a hit on how many units I had was a limitation) It should also be noted that you should atleast you only get units from the campaign that are from the deck you are using not a random wood if you're using gold. 5) The store needs more packs like the default gold pack you have and a better gold pack thats costs 400 gems and such.

And that's about it for me, this wasn't really a review just me pointing out some things I noticed, I'm not nagging or saying this game is bad because it isn't. This is a very good game that you can sink you're teeth into; even if you're not into strategy games this'll still give you some entertainment. But I had my share for this game and I'm not gonna get into it anymore after the campaign. But definitely give it a try if you're skeptical.

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spryfox responds:

Thank you for your feedback, we are always looking for ways to improve the game. In response to your comment about earning gems: it is not true that after the campaign, the only way to earn gems is through the multiplayer event goals. You can also earn gems AND a free character every day by completing the daily ghost match (AI) event. There are also 12 achievements that give rewards for progress in any type of match, not just in multiplayer.

We have really gone out of our way to make sure players are rewarded for coming back. That said, at the end of the day we have to pay our bills in order to be able to keep updating the game, and appreciate everyone who does support us by making purchases down the road.

Madness: Will It Slice? Madness: Will It Slice?

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I like the whole idea of slicing through things as much as the next guy but...the way it was executed was poorly made. Slicing off heads meant nothing, and you made it specifically so that you absolutely have to aim for the body at the exact same spot because too low cuts off a hand which makes no sense to me. I mean i can see where you were coming from with the whole you got to aim right things but that still doesn't excuse how the gameplay works. Overall if the game mechanics worked better I would have given this at least a 3.5.